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Applying Emotional Intelligence to Identify Star-Performers

Presenter: Reuven Bar On, Independent Research Professional, Bar-On Consulting


Transforming leaders and their organizations is BPI’s vision and mission, which implies that we are dedicated to creating positive organizational change. This necessitates finding, hiring, promoting, and developing the right people to make organizations more pleasant and desirable places in which to work, to be associated with and to spend approximately one-third of our daily adult life… in addition to making them more productive. These right people are often referred to as “star performers” and are the ones who are capable of making this transformation, first within themselves and then within others. These are truly exceptional people who are capable of transforming the workplace into a worthplace to use Michael Rock’s description of the desired process and end-product. [A “worthplace” is a workplace where emotionally, socially, and morally competent leaders relate well with other employees and are able to bring out the best in themselves and others; they cooperate with one another, share and are capable of being creative and productive.]

In this webinar, Reuven Bar-On will share with you his approach to finding these exceptional people or “star performers” as he refers to them. He will describe an intelligent way of applying emotional intelligence (EI) in the workplace in order to identify, hire, promote and train star performers as the first major step in transforming the workplace into a worthplace, which is also productive. The purpose of this webinar is to first explain what “EI” is, how it is defined and measured, and why it is important to apply it in our organizations. This idea will be supported with empirical findings clearly demonstrating that EI significantly impacts occupational performance in general and leadership in particular as well as organizational productivity. Following this introduction, Reuven will describe the most sophisticated and accurate way of applying EI in the workplace in order to hire, promote and train star performers. At this point, he introduces the concept of “Star Performer Profiling™” which is a method that he helped pioneer and has been applying in organizations worldwide for more than a decade. It will also be shown that this method, based on creating (EI) mathematical models that predict high performance, is more cost-effective than other methods such as assessment centers which have often been thought to be one of the best approaches to hiring and promoting employees. Reuven will conclude by arguing that Star Performer Profiling™ should be considered best practice in applying emotional intelligence and other important concepts in the workplace. It is hoped that the case will be made that Star Performer Profiling™ is not only best practice but a must do for companies in order to help increase performance, effectiveness and productivity as well as bring about positive organizational change which is the first step in turning the workplace into a worthplace.

What Will You Learn

•“Emotional intelligence” (“EI”) and why it is important to apply it in organizations
•“Star performer profiling™” (“SPP™”) and why it is the most scientific and cost-effective way of applying EI designed to identify, hire, promote, and train high performers capable of enhancing overall organizational productivity as well as turning the workplace into a worthplace
•Why SPP™ is not only best practice but a must do for hiring, promoting and training

Who Will Participate

•Senior executives
•HR/OD professionals
•Industrial/organizational/business psychologists
•Anyone who works in the above areas including leadership coaching/development


Reuven Bar On

Independent Research Professional, Bar-On Consulting

Access Resource

60 Minutes