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From Execution to Innovation: Strategically Enhancing Organizational Learning Through Technology

Presenter: Clark Quinn, Learning Technology Design & Strategy, Quinnovation


Organizations are trying to improve their execution, and increasingly recognizing that innovation is the key to competitiveness, yet their support for these are largely idiosyncratic and certainly not integrated. In client engagements across a number of Fortune 500 companies and major technology organizations, it became clear that there was an emergent framework that creates a coherent picture about how to support individuals through their expertise lifecycle. Recognizing the different needs of individuals at different stages in their development is the key to providing integrated support. Viewing this support as an organic whole, not as isolated and siloed components, is an important step in providing a seamless experience whether for customers, partners, or employees. We will tie together eLearning, portals & knowledge management, and eCommunity into a systematic roadmap that has been demonstrated to provide insight in looking at organizational technology initiatives. The approach provides clear steps with associated examples and technologies that helps organizations assess where they are, and move up in capability.


Clark Quinn

Learning Technology Design & Strategy, Quinnovation

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60 Minutes