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Expert Detail


Tim is currently Vice President, Global Learning and Leadership Development. He is responsible for learning and leadership development strategy, programs, coaching and related activities for all of their worldwide leaders. Prior to Choice Hotels Internationasl, Tim was Director of Talent Management at Marriot and Baker Tilly, where he designed and implemented their corporate university and leadership programs. In a previous role at Booz Allen Hamilton, he led numerous leadership, training, and human resource initiatives and was a key contributor for a Booz Allen Hamilton Partner Development Program.


On-Demand Learning Sessions

Benchmark-It Webinar: Leadership Development

Learning Session | Published: December 10, 2015

How does your organization define Leadership effectiveness and segment leadership behaviors that matter? What is the stand out criteria used to differentiate leaders talent profiles/cards? What is your leadership story (events, behaviors and perspectives that define who you are) and how does it alig...
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